Rock underdogs 42 King have their sights set to conquer mainstream radio, tour the world and hitch a ride on a Space-X rocket to become the first band to play a show on Mars. Maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch but that’s why we dream.

42 King is a wild bunch of good-time-having-hooligans, looking to make you smile and get you out of your seat. Singing about escapism, encouraging everyone to fight the mundane and make sure you remember to BREAK FREE from the chains of a remedial society and keep your party alive!

Life is way too short to not party it up. And we don’t mean party in the sense of getting black out drunk and puking on your best friend... though we’ve all been there. It’s escapism. 42 King preaches escapism, that’s why we get up everyday with a guitar on our back and jump around to the bad ass beat of getting out alive. We’re all flesh and blood. When the thud of the speakers hits your chest, a howl echos through the night sky, guitars churn, the drums move you to dance and a field of people enjoy the same beautiful moment.. that’s what we’re here t do. That’s what we want to do. Until we’re dead. Nothing’s more insipring than watching someone break free from the motions of a life they don’t want to live and start having fun. Remember... That’s the worst that can happen if you start doing what you love. You might have a little fun.

42 King invite you all in to be free, escape and freak the fuck out. Long live Rock N’ Roll.