So You Want to be a Rockstar?


I’m going to start off this week with one simple word and the reason why most artists should stay in school or keep their day jobs. Within this word lies life riches and the key to success. The word is “Willpower” Now, I know some of you are thinking “does that come stock in the new F-150?” So let me define this sacred of all words:

a combination of determination and self-discipline that enables somebody to do something despite the difficulties involved.


Did you get that? If not, read it again and again in fact make it your new mantra. It’s funny because most bands, actors, singers and musicians just don’t have it, willpower that is. I’ve dealt with or even continue to deal those who just don’t have the will to succeed. Willpower is a hundred percent different from ego and a billion times more effective. It simply doesn’t matter if you think you’re the greatest actor, musician or designer on the planet if you don’t have the will to succeed then you’re probably not going to. It takes drive, energy and passion to get out there and do what ever it takes, within reason and values, to get from point A to point Z, bottom line - the will to succeed.


Let me tell you one quick success story. I have many because I like to surround myself with successful people but I’ll save that for another article. I developed a band you may or may not have heard of, that’s beside the point. On one of the bands last shows of their 250+ “SELF BOOKED TOUR DATES”, (should I repeat that our did the quotes and bold lettering get your attention) the band wrapped up the year in December by playing a club in NYC. The band was not signed and living on a $3.00 a day self allotted per diem. The groups’ van broke down after arriving to the venue in the middle of a New York blizzard and since no one showed up to the gig, the band had to use the only money left from merch sales to have the van towed in for repairs. In the middle of winter in NYC the band headed out on foot to try and find somewhere to sleep. After several city blocks and a quick trip to the laundry, where the guys used their remaining few quarters to heat up their clothes, they made their way to the subway where they passed out sleeping one on top of another.


They never once complained about what happened they just laugh at the fact that now when they go to NYC they sleep on a Tour Bus instead of the subway. That band had and continue to have the willpower to succeed. They went on to sign one of the biggest record contracts in the past 10 years for a new rock band.

The moral of this story is that it takes way more than just being able to play your instrument or sing or write good songs. It takes, in today’s world practically giving up all of your comforts, securities, friends, girl/boy friends, your nice car and your apartment. Nowadays if you’re not living on the road or with your band in some shack while you refuel to go back out on the road then you’re simply just to settled into your life. To make it in this brutal business you have to have the willpower to carry yourself through all of the bumps in the road you will hit on a daily basis… and I do mean daily but you know what it’s all part of the ride, its character building… and its fun. Remember sometimes the journey is far more exciting than obtaining the actual prize.


You will NEVER really know what it feels like to earn what it is that your heart truly desires unless you have the passion, drive, respect and willpower to do what it takes to get it. You have to want it for yourself because if you think people are going to feed you with a baby spoon you’re sadly mistaken. I consider myself a successful person and still to this day continue to pay my dues. Without the drive and willpower that consumes my body I would have quit a long time ago when I had no money to pay rent and had to live out of my car.

So you want to be a Rockstar huh, just how bad do you want it?


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This post is meant to encourage not discourage.