How to Build an Audience Through Spotify for Artists… According to Spotify

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Today, independent artists are building sustainable, long-term careers through streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, and, of course — Spotify. Through generating high numbers of streams, independent artists like Rex Orange County (200 million streams), VERITE (184 million streams), and Bruno Major (98 million streams), just to name a few, are doing just that.

Earning those high streaming numbers, however, requires more than just getting music up on DSPs and hoping for the best. In order to grow a career via streaming, you have to first work on building an audience through the service. That’s why one of the biggest streaming services — Spotify — created Spotify for Artists. The platform gives artists access to tools and services to make the most of what Spotify has to offer as an artist when it comes time to upload and share your music.

With Spotify being one of the most important streaming services out there for artists, we turned to the expert: Spotify’s Head of Independent Label Development, Jennifer Masset, to get her best advice on how artists can make the most of Spotify for Artists.

Below are advice from Masset and her team at Spotify for Artists for getting set up with Spotify for Artists and on the road to cultivating better audience relationships that will help best reach those goals of streaming success.

1. Claim your profile

The first step to taking advantage of everything Spotify for Artists has to offer is to claim your profile at If you have music on Spotify, you should be on Spotify for Artists. Once you’ve claimed your profile, listeners will see a blue check when they visit your artist page, and you’ll have access to the growing set of tools we’re building to help you connect with your fans.


42 King got their blue check (verified) and are able to access everything they needs to continue growing his fanbase.

2. Add a team member

Once you’ve gotten access to your Spotify for Artists account, add the rest of your team — like management, social media marketers, booking agents, publicists, or anyone else who works closely with you to release and promote your releases.

3. Edit bio and images

Take control of how your music appears to listeners by editing your bio and uploading a gallery of images to your artist profile. Some artists change their avatar and header images at the start of every new release cycle, and some follow their mood and post new images multiple times per week. The most important part is to tell your story to fans through your presence on Spotify and update it whenever you’d like or have news to share.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.36.27 PM.png

42 King shows off their personality and style with fans through an array of images shared. 

4. Integrate your concert schedule

Spotify for Artists provides a map of where in the world your fans are listening from to better help you plan your live dates. You can also make sure your fans know when you’re coming to town by posting your tour dates so listeners can see them when they visit your profile. Fans will also receive emails about upcoming shows in their area.


5. Choose an “Artist’s Pick”

You can use Artist’s Pick to draw your listeners’ attention to what you’re focused on right now. Artist’s Pick gives prominent placement on your profile to any track, album, or playlist you’d like and change it at anytime. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your own music — you can use your Artist’s Pick to connect with your fans over what you’re listening to right now, like an old classic that you can’t get out of your head, or maybe the new album that you’ve got on repeat.


Make the most of Spotify’s Artist Pick feature by pushing fans to your personal playlist.

6. Build your followers

Adding followers on Spotify is the best way to build your audience of fans and get your new music in the ears of your loyal listeners. Fans who follow you on Spotify will automatically get your music in their weekly Release Radar playlist, and they can be notified the day your release drops.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can use Spotify for Artists to accomplish on the platform, and the DSP is consistently rolling out more features and functions that enable independent artists to promote and share their music. Recently, they also launched The Game Plan, a new video series where music legends and Spotify insiders take artists through how to make the most of the platform.